Carl's Perfect Pig White Bluff TN

Best BBQ RibsBBQ this good, should be illegal!

This is the place where you find out all the juicey, smokey,
tastebud overwhelming details about Carl's Perfect Pig BBQ! We'll hit the highlights of the Perfect Pig's culinary offerings.

(You can see the whole menu HERE)

One of the main things that sets Carl's Perfect Pig BBQ apart is the high quality ingredients. Carl does not skimp on his proteins or his sides. From the home-made salad dressings to the onsite hand-breaded chicken livers, day-in and day-out Carl's food is always fresh and delicious.



BBQ Pork RibsBBQ Pork Ribs are lovingly cooked to perfection with every bite an explosion of Tennessee goodness. No Baby backs here! Carl hand cuts his Slabs' Kansas City' style which gives you almost twice the meat as Baby Backs. Carl cooks the ribs using a technique he developed that results in tender, drop off the bone flavor-packed BBQ perfection.. really it's that good!




Pulled Pork BBQPulled Pork is incredibly flavorful after being slowly cooked over a 24 hour period. Carl only uses the pork shoulder (Boston Butt) and It's always tender and juicey and makes for an awesome sandwich using either of our 2 signature BBQ sauces. Hand pulled and chopped to perfection Carl's Perfect Pig pulled pork always satisfies.




Chicken Carl has no problem offering perfect poultry at the Perfect Pig! Chicken gets Carl's special grill lovin' all its own so that those tender breasts stay moist and plump.. Some folks like a change of pace once in a while and with the wide variety of menu selections there's never an excuse not the eat at Carl's Perfect Pig. Chicken is served either grilled or hand breaded and fried. We also offer Chicken Fingers which are a favorite of the kids and adults alike




Beef Brisket at Carl's Perfect PigBeef Brisket at the Pig you ask?.. well, we cook it so flavorful and tender we just gotta keep it on the menu, and we do get folks who are from Texas on occassion (They are always talking about how many trees we around here for some reason?!). Carl's brisket is so tender you propably won't even need a knife to cut it.




Pulled Pork BBQCountry Vegetables Just the way grandma used to make 'em (or at least should have made 'em!). Who knew vegetables could taste so good? We have country classics like white beans, fried okra, turnip greens and baked beans. We also have pinto beans, fried corn, 2 types of coleslaw (vinegar and mayo), potato salad, baked potato, yellow squash with cheese and marinated cucumber and onion salad. Our baked apples are a favorite and our macaroni & cheese is sure to bring a smile to your face!






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